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Training Programs for Group Fitness Instructors

Welcome to Flow Fitness Training! My name is Melissa Weigelt. As a fitness instructor, personal trainer, and provider of continuing education for fitness instructors, I have the opportunity to assist others in reaching their fitness goals. Feel free to explore my website further for information regarding the services I offer.

Our Instructors


Melissa Weigelt

Owner and Instructor

Melissa Weigelt is an ACE Certified fitness instructor, NASM certified personal trainer, and vinyasa yoga instructor with 20 years experience in the fitness industry. She has completed the 200 hours of training required to be registered with the Yoga Alliance. She has an MS degree in counseling which has enhanced her ability to assist others in reaching their goals in fitness, wellness, and personal development.

As an AFAA and ACE approved provider of continuing education for fitness instructors, an elevateEDUCATION PRO Trainer, and a regional master trainer for BOSU®. Melissa truly enjoys sharing her knowledge and ideas with others. Her hands-on, down to earth teaching style, creativity, and strong technical knowledge allow her to deliver fun-filled, unique workshops that assist instructors in staying up to date with trends in the fitness industry.


Jen Burke


Jen Burke is a dynamic presenter from Rochester, NY. She is a provider of continuing education for ACE and AFAA, and she holds certifications in PiYo Live, TurboKick, TRX, and Kettlebells, to name a few. She began her teaching and fitness career at a martial arts dojo in Rochester, NY and then bridged into group exercise. She is known for her energetic and fun approach to fitness, and she truly enjoys assisting instructors in learning new skills and teaching strategies. Join Jen for a workshop soon!

Training Programs

Strong Starts and Amazing Endings

When planning our classes, we tend to put a lot of time and effort into planning the middle of the class, but we can also create an amazing exercise experience by focusing on the beginning and end of the class. This workshop will explore a variety of different ways to achieve safe, effective, and creative starts and finishes that will apply to many different formats including cardiovascular, strength, and mind-body training. This workshop packed with ideas to make an impression from beginning to end!

Crunchless Core and More

When it comes to training the core, the crunch is a favorite exercise among fitness enthusiasts. It is an effective way to target the rectus abdominis muscle, which is the main abdominal muscle that helps to flex the spine, but did you know that there are more effective ways to train the core? If your goal is to move with greater ease and efficiency, consider choosing exercises that stabilize the spine, as well as movements that laterally flex and rotate the spine. Mix this up with some heart pumping cardio and you are all set!

Best of Boot Camp

This workshop covers the best of cardio and strength in a drill based format. Learn new exercises and awesome strategies to get the most out of your students. If your participants need variety and challenge, this is your class!

Mindful Strength

If you are interested in improving strength, endurance, balance, and flexibility, try mindful strength. This class fuses mind-body principles and yoga postures with traditional fitness exercises that emphasize core conditioning. Find balance between effort and rest, and learn techniques to help your students reach their fitness goals, while cultivating mindfulness.

High Intensity Body Weight Training

This class is packed with ideas to get your students amazing results using body weight exercises only. Multiple muscles will be targeted with each exercise to achieve maximum results. Improve strength and endurance, burn calories and increase the metabolism. This one is not to be missed!

Strength by Numbers

Do you love strength training but need new ways to keep things interesting? This workshop will introduce unique strength and conditioning exercises and review fun ways to manipulate the sets and repetitions to offer maximum challenge for your students! Learn a variety of protocols that you can apply to all the classes you teach. This workshop brings strength and conditioning to the next level!


If you enjoy amazing results from your HIIT workouts but crave a more gentle approach to burning calories, try HIIT Re-Mix! This class provides the results-focused challenge of a traditional high intensity interval class with a more mellow low impact version of your favorite interval and strength drills.

Excellent EMOMs

If you enjoy high intensity training, this workshop is for you! The “every minute on the minute” protocol is fun, fast-moving, challenging, and results-focused. Apply this concept to all the classes you teach. Focus on core, strength, cardio, and everything in between!

Partner Play

Partners can work together in the group ex room to motivate and coach each other to reach their fitness goals. This workshop will review fun and unique partner exercises that focus on strength, agility and cardio training. Get the most out of your students by encouraging teamwork and camaraderie.

Circuit Blast

If you are bored of your traditional circuit training format, join us for circuit blast! This unique approach to strength, cardio and core training offers a series of 1 minute drills that are set up in a linear format. This efficient, fast paced, athletic routine will challenge your participants in new ways!

Fit Frenzy

This challenging workout utilizes circuit training principles and combines compound strength exercises with unique HIIT drills. WOW your students with new moves and intense drills that will challenge them in new ways. Set up stations utilizing a variety of equipment in this fast-paced, non-stop exercise experience. Your students will love this social approach to fitness fun!


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Scheduled Workshops

If you would like information regarding hosting a workshop, please contact Melissa Weigelt at 315-247-6452 or via email at Melissa@flowfitnesstraining.com.

*Please note that all cancellations will be credited to a future Flow Fitness Training workshop unless cancelled by Flow Fitness Training

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