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If you would like information regarding hosting a workshop, please contact Melissa Weigelt at 315-247-6452 or via email at There is no fee to host a workshop and the host club earns a free registration!

*All workshops are approved for 2 AFAA CEUs and .2 ACE CECs unless otherwise noted

BOSU® Complete Workout System Certification (8---Hr Specialty Certification)

The BOSU® Complete Workout System will provide you with the formula to make the BOSU Balance Trainer more effective in your club, your classes and with your clients. This specialty certification will take you through the BOSU system, step by step, and provide you with 5 full workouts that you can start using right away. You will leave this certification with knowledge of the science behind functional balance training, teaching skills to accommodate all levels of fitness, and new tools and ideas for designing endless BOSU workouts that are effective and fun!

BOSU® Complete Workout System Introduction (2 hr)

The BOSU® Complete Workout System will provide you with the formula to make the BOSU Balance Trainer more effective in your club, your classes and with your clients. This specialty certification will take you through the BOSU system, step by step, and provide you with 5 full workouts that you can start using right away. You will leave this workshop with knowledge of the science behind functional balance training, teaching skills to accommodate all levels of fitness, and new tools and ideas for designing endless BOSU workouts that are effective and fun!

Circuit Sensations by BOSU®

Are you ready to learn and teach a workout that is athletic, intense and more fun than a three---ring circus? Using the motivational power of teamwork and competition in combination with the balance challenges presented by the BOSU® Balance Trainer and several new BOSU functional training products, you will discover how to change ordinary circuit workouts into extraordinary workout experiences! With this new, easy---to---follow system, you’ll be ready to teach a sensational circuit workout on Monday morning!

Complete Core by BOSU®

Revitalize your library of core workouts and help your group fitness or personal training clients make the most of the time they spend performing these exercises. Using the BOSU® Balance Trainer and this easy to follow system, you can create comprehensive core workouts, or mini---workouts that will integrate time---efficient and effective ab and back training into existing programs. Complete Core will give you the tolls necessary to deliver unique and challenging programming for all levels of fitness.

BOSU® Lower Body Solution:
Change how you think about lower body workouts as you integrate dynamic stability with muscular strength and endurance. Take the guesswork out of your programming by using the BOSU® Balance Trainer and an innovative, easy to follow method to deliver lower body workouts that are exciting, effective and efficient. Learn a complete workout that can be taught as a 30---minute lower body class, and lower body segments that can be incorporated into other class formats. Rejuvenate your group fitness classes and personal training programs with new exercises and fresh technique tips!

FIT FRENZY *new for 2015


This challenging workout utilizes circuit training principles and combines compound strength exercises with unique HIIT drills.  WOW your students with new moves and intense drills that will challenge them in new ways.  Set up stations utilizing a variety of equipment in this fast-paced, non-stop exercise experience.  Your students will love this social approach to fitness fun! 



When developing strength and conditioning classes, exercise selection is just one piece of the puzzle.  This class will provide additional suggestions for class design that will allow for endless variations for sequencing exercises.  Up the “fun factor” and keep your students engaged with these unique drills that play with timing and repetitions.  Leave this class with a variety of ideas to challenge your students in new ways!


“Yoga with Toys” blends the best of yoga with traditional fitness modalities.   Help your students develop strength, flexibility, balance, and enjoy a more “mindful” approach to reaching their health and fitness goals. This unique and well-rounded workout will provide a new and different approach that your students will love.  They will leave your class feeling empowered, rejuvenated, strong, and stretched! This workshop will benefit fitness instructors who want to bring some mindfulness to their workouts and yoga instructors who are interested in incorporating some traditional fitness techniques into their yoga routine. Equipment: yoga mat, hand weights, stability ball


This fast moving class will cycle through a series of challenging upper body exercises that alternate with unique cardio drills designed to push your students to their limits.  Improve muscular strength, and endurance, as well as aerobic and anaerobic conditioning.  This unique approach to circuit training will knock their socks off!  Equipment: body bar, hand weights, bench


Lack of time for a workout is a common deterrent to regular exercise.  Entice your students to stay engaged by offering express classes that work all muscle groups in less time.  This workshop will review new and different exercises using a weighted bar, gliding discs, and bench.  While short and sweet, these mini workouts will deliver results! Equipment: gliding discs, weighted bar, bench


This workshop will cover practical information to help you design and implement an effective, challenging, and engaging group strength and cardiovascular conditioning class.   We will review the most relevant and up to date principles of class design and teaching skills. You will leave this workshop with templates and tools to evolve your classes over time.  This class will be helpful for new instructors who want to apply the theory they learned from their initial certification and for veteran instructors want to learn some updated techniques to keep the creative juices flowing. *approved for 4 AFAA CEUs and .4 ACE CECs. Equipment: stability ball, weighted bar, hand weights


Cardio and core training are the two formats that all our students ask for.  Do you need innovative ideas to continue to challenge your students?  If so, this class is for you! Review the best techniques to target the local and global core muscles and learn some unique variations of some familiar core exercises.  Round out the routine and torch calories using some HIIT variations that are new and different. Equipment: bench, gliding discs, hand weights or medicine ball


This challenging workout will highlight the many apps that are available for fitness instructors.  Whether your focus is high Intensity intervals, aerobic intervals, or strength circuits, you will leave this session with a multitude of tools to help you get the most out of your students.  Focus on motivational cuing, and exercise sequencing and progression, while allowing the apps to track timing of intervals and cycles.  This class is packed with fun, useable choreography and exercise ideas to bring your class to the next level. Equipment: bench, hand weights


This class will cover a variety of techniques to work the muscles of the upper body. Exercises presented will Improve muscular strength and endurance and improve core stabilization.  A cardio component will be included as well, for increased caloric expenditure.  Get lots of ideas and inspiration to help your students get the results they are looking for!  Equipment: bench, hand weights


If you are looking for a unique approach to full body conditioning, this is your class!  This body weight training program will cover strength, cardiovascular conditioning, and flexibility.  Train barefoot to challenge balance and increase kinesthetic awareness.  Work with compound exercises in different planes of motion and use creative sequencing.  Offer this unique approach to keep your students engaged and challenged!  *approved for 1.5 AFAA CEUs and .1 ACE CECs. Equipment: none


Express Strength will provide three thirty minute full body workouts using stability balls, resistance tubing, and hand weights.  If you have limited time for a workout, each segment can be offered as a “stand alone” class or segments can be mixed and matched to provide lots of variety for your strength workouts.  This workout is packed with unique moves and each offers different techniques to keep your students challenged and coming back for more!  Equipment: tubing, stability ball, hand weights

This class is packed with ideas to get your students amazing results using body weight exercises only. Multiple muscles will be targeted with each exercise to achieve maximum results. This one is not to be missed!   *approved for 2 AFAA CEUs and .1 ACE CECs. Equipment: none


Circuit challenge offers the best of strength and cardio in one hard core session.  This results-focused class will appeal to your students who are looking for something different.  Lots of variety will be offered in this non-stop, calorie-blasting, challenging workout experience! Equipment: hand weights, stability ball
This class will include powerful cardio moves that will focus on extreme calorie burning, unique strength exercises that will sculpt the body with an additional emphasis on balance and stability exercises to challenge the CORE! Equipment: weighted bar, bench
This workshop will explore creative techniques to sculpt the body. Play with tempo, repetition, variable resistance, and unilateral movements to bring your strength classes to a higher level, resulting in increased motivation and challenge for your participants. Equipment: weighted bar, hand weights
FIT SYNERGY                                                                                                                         
This workshop will blend mind body principles and postures with traditional fitness techniques and will appeal to your most fit athletes as well as beginning exercisers.  This class will offer a new and different approach to fitness that will help you get to the next level in teaching, offering your clients the best of cardio, strength, balance and flexibility in one amazing workout. Equipment: none
BOOT CAMP BEYOND THE BASICS                                                                                                                                       This workshop will review techniques to create a high intensity, results focused boot camp class.  Learn how to incorporate unique drills and partner exercises.  Play with reps, sets, and sequencing to offer your students a workout that will challenge them in new ways, allowing them to overcome training plateaus and get the results they are looking for! Equipment: bench, stability ball, hand weights
In this workshop, we will use a small soft medicine ball to create apowerful workout experience with a “flowing” feel. Unique cardio and strength patterns will be linked seamlessly together to help your students improve balance, coordination, strength, and aerobic conditioning. If you are interested in offering your class something different, join us for this one! Equipment: small soft weighted ball or medicine ball

INTENSE INTERVALS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                This workshop combines the best of cardio and strength resulting in an INTENSE workout that focuses on RESULTS! Strip away the fancy choreography and zone in on multiple muscle movements that will give your students more for their money. A variety of equipment will be used to keep them guessing. Equipment: weighted bar, hand weights

DYNAMIC DEFINITION - full body sculpting
If you are looking for unique ways to sculpt all muscles using creative sequencing, this is the workshop for you. The body bar, hand weights and gliding discs will be used to create a challenging workout to help your students bring their workout to the next level and get amazing results! Equipment: weighted bar, hand weights

This workshop offers an introduction to the Gliding program, the gliding discs and exercises, technique, and application for a variety of fitness classes. The training will cover applications for stand alone gliding classes and gliding integrated into various preexisting classes. Equipment: gliding discs

CARDIO, CORE, AND MORE - full body cardio and strength
This workshop will utilize a variety of equipment to work all muscle groups and burn lots of calories, using a circuit training approach. This class will appeal to your students who are looking for a challenging workout without any fancy choreography. Equipment:  bench, stability ball, weighted bar
SCULPT FUSION - mind body inspired sculpting and stretching
This course is for those who love to strength train but are looking for something different to sculpt the entire body with a more mindful approach. Traditional strength training will be combined with a functional approach and mind-body principals to help you give your students a challenging workout that leaves them feeling empowered and rejuvenated. A yoga inspired stretching segment will be included as well. Equipment:  none
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